Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hello bloggie. It's been awhile since my last post, so I decide to blog a little while I have the time now.
First, I want to say FINALLY I'm an official law student! Yeah, so holiday is over and now it's time to back to college. However, I feel like there is something lacking, a lil sad that some of my mates didn't make it, I miss their noise. Maybe, I should start to put more attention in class and score a better result in my first year. People always say, 'love isn't fun when it isn't rough', but I say 'study isn't fun when it isn't tough'. Sometimes, I enjoy study, just sometimes. It just feel good and smart when you know something that the others don't know, isn't it? Well, I just want to do well in everything I doing now, nothing else, just want to prove that I can, ego much right? keke

Life oh life... sometimes life is really give and take. There is something I can't find a word to describe. Do you really miss someone because of the person or you just miss the attention they used to give you? Everyone wants to be found, it is nothing wrong but ironic. I feel like those people I met in life is always come n' go, I wonder how many of them would actually want to stay.

Mom is going to Europe again in November. But she won't help me get my it bag! Then whats the point of going to Europe again? Haih.

I'm watching the Triumph on the Skies lately, but the drama is getting mehh, keep go around between Sam & Holiday & Jayden. But if I'm Holiday... I also don't who should I be with. Kinda give up on watching it already.

Bye bye. XOXO

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Okay this will be another rant again, I guess these following two months I will be frustrated and depressed like fuck. Because of the exam, I really spend most of my time siting in my room and nerd around, and yet it is not that efficiency as I thought. Things didn't keep up with my planned schedule.

Last Thursday, I saw this senior in my contract class, I think he is retaking his A-Levels for the third time now, if not, why was he in my class? I'm just assuming, I don't want to mention his name here, because people might misunderstood and thinking I'm trying to humiliate him, this world is scary with terrible people. Seeing this, I'm really afraid, I don't want to be in his position. And my lecturer aka Mr Murali kept saying things that he knows it will pressure us, he is not kind but he is inspiring, I actually agree to what he said. I do think I take thing lightly, and I know if I can pull off this shit now, I surely can't handle degree. I told mom about the senior case, the she said there is alot people passed their exam and enrolled to degree. I KNOW! But I don't want to pass with 2 Es, this is the least thing I ever wanted, I want a decent result.

I'm not naturally born smart and I have no talent at all, study is all I'm decent at, if I can't do it well, then I don't know what can I do anymore. So just work harder and harder. Determination and ambitious nature could get you anywhere you desired, just have faith in yourself, you will eventually get there. 

My face condition is getting worse in this two months, I don't know why, it made me so upset. Gosh, please just heal it yourself can or not?!

Alright, I should go back to my books now, am doing the note for the last chapter in tort :( And contract is waiting for me tomorrow. I'm not sure whether is it really that stress or this is my first world problem, whatever, I hope everything will turn out fine. 

World peace :) and pray for Boston

Friday, April 12, 2013


Hello there! I'm so bored right now and decided to rant a little here. So it would be only words and words :P

First, my exam is less than two months now, like OMG FUCKING 50+ DAYS! And I'm still in the 'vision' mode not re-vision. Hopefully that I can finish all the syllabus by end of this month and start to write for the next whole month. Please just let me go through this A2 shit. A2 is so much tougher than AS syllabus, no more read and memorize,  it is all bout understanding now, so you cant like wrap up all the things and bluff it on the exam paper anymore. Sometimes, I will think what am I doing? Is this the thing I want? If you ask me why study law, I can tell you I don't even know, I just want to get a professional degree, that's all. I don't even dream to become a famous lawyer who fights for justice and fairness. I mean please, if a law student answer you this way, you can just laugh it off, they probably watch too much dramas or some random shit. I just want to continue the life I living now in my future, just a comfortable living is enough, I'm not thinking about live in a luxury bungalow and hire a driver to drive a super executive Bentley and have a chiwawa in a Birkin, that's too Paris Hilton -.- People shouldn't have false illusion in their own significance, we aren't special, we are actually nothing, we are just pawns in the game, and you gotta learn how to play it. I always think, what you have gone through is not important after all, what you want is only the result and pay off. No? kay, case close, rant should ends here. 

And I will get 3 months holiday after this, woohoo! Aunty already called me last month and asked where I want to have a little escape, somewhere near like Bandung or Bali. I chose Bandung lah, Bali is too hot for me to handle, I like the beach but I never like the sun, simply because I don't want to get tanned. But, it's still planning, not even planning, draft only. Now everything also have to wait until the election to over :(

I haven get my book vouchers yet. The first time I went there, the woman told me I can get it on the first week of April, but now another woman told me I only can get it end of this month or the first week of May. Seriously, BAC admin sucks like fuck -.- made me went to the office twice and get nothing. You have so much money to invest on your advertisement, why don't you spend a little more to improve your management? Like hire some smarter and high efficiency staffs? I want to get it as fast as possible to do some stationery shopping before the exam you know.

Brother is going to G-Dragon's concert with his 'hyungs', I'm so jealous. But he said he is not sure he can get the ticket or not because sure alot of people going also. I initially also want to go, but then I heard SNSD is coming this August/September. SO NO! Priority comes first! :) Save money, I want the rock zone ticket! I'm super frugal lately :( because I'm going to stop working for two months for my revision and I want to save more now for my dream bag and europe trip. But hell, my dream bag, the classic gold part time in purple color, is only available in the US market. Wtf, I checked all the europe website but there is no purple color's. I only want the purple's :( Nevermind, just save the money and see how, maybe will change my mind to the mini antigona. I don't want to ask parents for money on this kind of stuff, because it is not their duty of care to keep me happy. I used to take things for granted, but after I start working with dad, I know it is hard to earn money, and he already spent alot on my college fees and allowances. If you try to calculate the money that they had spent on you since you are an embryo, lol maybe, the amount is not a joke and try to think can you pay back to them before it is too late or not and are you a liability or an asset to them? It's about maturing, everyone has their spoiled brat stage but just make sure you will grow up baby :)

Kay, I shall just stop here and do my revision now! Anyeong :)