Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hello bloggie. It's been awhile since my last post, so I decide to blog a little while I have the time now.
First, I want to say FINALLY I'm an official law student! Yeah, so holiday is over and now it's time to back to college. However, I feel like there is something lacking, a lil sad that some of my mates didn't make it, I miss their noise. Maybe, I should start to put more attention in class and score a better result in my first year. People always say, 'love isn't fun when it isn't rough', but I say 'study isn't fun when it isn't tough'. Sometimes, I enjoy study, just sometimes. It just feel good and smart when you know something that the others don't know, isn't it? Well, I just want to do well in everything I doing now, nothing else, just want to prove that I can, ego much right? keke

Life oh life... sometimes life is really give and take. There is something I can't find a word to describe. Do you really miss someone because of the person or you just miss the attention they used to give you? Everyone wants to be found, it is nothing wrong but ironic. I feel like those people I met in life is always come n' go, I wonder how many of them would actually want to stay.

Mom is going to Europe again in November. But she won't help me get my it bag! Then whats the point of going to Europe again? Haih.

I'm watching the Triumph on the Skies lately, but the drama is getting mehh, keep go around between Sam & Holiday & Jayden. But if I'm Holiday... I also don't who should I be with. Kinda give up on watching it already.

Bye bye. XOXO

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