Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sushi Zanmai & ChatTime @ Fahrenheit 88 & Pavilion

The old KL Plaza is renewal and regeneration then become Fahrenheit 88. KL Plaza is flanked by already well established malls, many “A” grade office buildings, high-end residences and world-class hotels in the vicinity that have given Jalan Bukit Bintang its distinctive character and flavor. KL Plaza is also situated at the bustling thoroughfare and crossroad of Bukit Bintang, directly across from the premium Pavilion. =)

So, we went there for our brunch yesterday. Is Sushi Zanmai =)

Let's the pictures do the talking. XP

Inari Taufu.

Unagi handroll.

Chicken dumpling. Nice~

The most delicious one.
Stamina roll.

Forgot what this call but also not bad.

The kitchen and they are cute =)

California roll.

Later on, we walked to Pavi for ChatTime.

Waited so long.. many people lol...

Mocha (mine)

red bean milk tea (bro)

That's it for that day. =)


  1. yeah... stamina roll looks really nice...
    as well as california roll... looks delicious...
    i guessed it's not cheap right? haha~

  2. the price is just normal... but the taste is really good... XD